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Anthony Frisina has a passion for accessibility and inclusion. He is driven by a community in Hamilton, Ontario, where he was born and still calls home today. Born with Spina Bifida he was privileged to adapt a “person first” mentality in his early years, a mindset he currently embodies in his every day life. “Adversity not only builds character it reveals it” and “It’s not about the amount of times you get knocked down, but by the amount of times you get back up” are two of his favourite quotes and they inspire the man he is today. He is a Mohawk College graduate in Enterprise Business; Office Administration Executive and when not working at Mohawk College as a Student Services Representative at The Square, he can often be seen with his wheels turning at Mohawk College. In 2014, he was inducted into an elite group as a Mohawk College Alumni of Distinction. When not at Mohawk he can be found in his community representing the Rick Hansen Foundation or the Catholic Youth Organization in an ambassadorial role and enjoys spending time with his family and friends. Anthony Frisina is truly a testament of character, overcoming many obstacles along the way, breaking down and breaking through barriers, so that he, along with the next generation, can enjoy an inclusive community, a community based on ability.

Alumni of Distinction

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2013 Alumni of Distinction

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Office Admin General Class of 2005
Office Admin Executive Class of 2003
Enterprise Business Class of 2002

The Forward Movement

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Promoting physical and social
inclusion for people of all abilities

Rick Hansen Foundation

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Creating a world without barriers



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About Madisen
Madisen is 12 years old and has osteogenesis imperfecta and Epilepsy. This is caused by a rare gene mutation to the LRP5 gene. Madisen is a spunky red head with a positive outlook on life.

Do you have any hobbies?
Singing, cheer, lacrosse, sailing and tennis art, LEGO, video games and most recently guitar

What is your favorite subject in school?
Art, French and social studies

How has Easter Seals impacted you?
I’ve been able to meet a lot of kids just like me with physical disabilities. I am getting a chance to go to camp and I’m really excited. I’ve met so many amazing people like Justin Trudeau and Tessa virtue. This has been an amazing experience.

Future goals?
To be a child life specialist

Do you have a message for the community?
Children with physical disabilities are just regular kids. They just want to be included.

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With a passion for accessibility Anthony was given the opportunity to create and produce a local television show that tackles the importance of accessibility awareness and inclusion in the Hamilton area. The goal for Above & Beyond is to help alleviate stigma and stereotypes, bridging the gap to an inclusive community.

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 Email: info@anthonyfrisina.ca

“Adversity not only builds character, it reveals it.”